Diamond Appraisals

Information You Need

Most consumers agree that buying or selling a diamond can be a harrowing experience. Even knowing 4C's - Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat Weight - doesn't always guarantee that what you asked for is what you will get.

Help protect yourself, and make your diamond or gemstone buying experience a positive one. Arm yourself with the information you need.

Diamond GradesThe Gemological Institute of America offers this Instructive Video about grades of diamonds and reports for consumers.

insurance appraisals
Grace Alter Insurance Appraisals

replacement Cost

Insurance appraisals provide an estimate of what it would cost to replace the jewelry with the item of like kind and quality.This appraisal describes the item in detail including the mounting, diamonds, gemstones and plots of the major stones together with a digital photo.

Clients are encouraged to avoid over-inflated appraisals since insurance companies often pay only what it costs to replace the item - not an inflated value.

estate appraisals

Fair Market Value

This type of the appraisal is most often used for estate purposes.

The jewelry is evaluated in its current condition taking into consideration age, quality, provenance, current fashion trends and other factors to determine fair market value based upon industry standards.


brokering services

Maximize Your Return

Interested in selling your jewelry, but don't know where or how to sell your pieces? I can help!

With years of experience and many valued contacts in the jewelry industry, I offer brokering services that can provide excellent opportunities to maximize your return.