Diamond Appraisal
About Grace Alter
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Grace Alter has 25 years experience in the jewelry industry during which she has developed a keen understanding about the many factors involved with jewelry valuation. Her professionalism and broad knowledge comes from in-depth exposure to jewelry appraisals, retail sales, estate jewelry buying and selling and jewelry manufacturing. Grace's educational certifications in Poland and the United States together with professionally-acquired skills qualify her as an expert in many periods and types of fine jewelry including antique, vintage, estate and modern jewelry. As an active independent jewelry appraiser, Grace constantly maintains her market and industry awareness by attending seminars, annual appraisal conferences and fine jewelry shows as well as following auction sales.

Professional Education:
University of Wroclaw, Poland - Bachelor Degree in Geology and Mineralogy
Gemological Institute of America - Graduate Gemologist
American Gem Society - Certified Gemologist
Fashion Institute of Technology
Principals of Jewelry Appraising
Jewelry Design